3:3:2 Studio @ Latin Grammys


3:3:2 Studio’s Mastering Team, Pablo Lopez Ruiz & Diego Calviño, celebrated in Las Vegas the two nominations (Album of The Year & Best New Artist) for the amazing project Eduardo Cabra produced for Colombian artists Monsieur Perine. It’s been an honor for us to be part. Our congratulations to everyone involved, especially to Visitante13MP who wrote the music !


Monsieur Perine receiving the Latin Grammy Award for Best New Artist !

Album Of The Year Medal Nomination


The Monsieur Perine Team on The Red Carpet

From Left: Visitante Calle 13 (Producer), Harold Wendel Sanders (Recording Engineer), Santiago Sarabia (MP), Diego Calviño (Mastering Engineer 3:3:2 Studio), Fab Dupont (Mixing Engineer Flux Studios NYC), Cata Garcia (MP) and Nicolas Junca (MP)



Red Carpet From Left: Diego Calviño (3:3:2 Studio), Visitante Calle 13 (Producer) and Fab Dupont (Flux Studios NYC)


Fab Dupont and Diego Calviño, sharing a especial Pre Ceremony moment. Flux Studios and 3:3:2 Studio have been working as a unique Mixing – Mastering team for 4 years now !

Latin Grammy Nomination !


Diego Calviño and Pablo Lopez Ruiz, 3:3:2 Studio’s Mastering Engineers, are part of the Team Nominated for the next Latin Grammy Awards in the “Album of The Year” category.

Album of the Year: Monsieur Perine “Caja de Musica”

Congratulations to them and to Eduardo Visitante Calle 13, who produced the record !



Produced by Eduardo Cabra Visitante Calle 13

Mixed by Fab Dupont @ Flux Studios NYC

Mastered by Diego Calviño and Pablo Lopez Ruiz @ 3:3:2 Studio

Available on iTunes

Monsieur Perine+Visitante13+Fab+3:3:2


“Caja de Musica” by Monsieur Perine

Produced by Visitante Calle13

Mixed by Fab Dupont @ Flux Studios NYC

Mastered @ 3:3:2 Studio by Pablo Lopez Ruiz and Diego Calviño

The new record already hit iTunes #1 ! 


“Nuestra Cancion” is the first single. Check it out on iTunes !

Offical Vevo Channel

Mixing Sessions – Flux Studios NYC, April 2015.

From Left: D. Calvino (3:3:2 Studio), S. Sarabia (MP), Fab Dupont, C. Garcia (MP) and Eduardo Visitante Calle13.

Mixing Sessions – Flux Studios NYC, April 2015.

From Left: D. Calvino (Mastering Engineer), Fab Dupont (Mixing Engineer) and Eduardo Visitante Calle13 (Producer)